Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development

Name and position title

Email and Extension

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Yun-Zhu, Lin

Director of Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development


Manage the operations of the Office of Alumni Services and Resource Development.

Yi-Ying, Lin

Contract Staff


l   Plan and publish fundraising materials and solicitations.

l   Conduct interviews, write articles, and edit proofread documents related to major donations.

l   Collect and compile stories and articles from various departments regarding their donation activities.

l   Handle other tasks related to alumni donations and assigned by supervisor.


Alumni Service Center


Name and position title

Email and Extension

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Yu-Ting, Liao

Administrative Clerk


l   Organizing the Anniversary Celebration and Alumni Day Event

l   Contact point for domestic alumni associations, department alumni associations, outstanding alumni associations, and classmate associations, providing assistance for activities

l   Alumni Affairs Office responsible for all matters related to the alumni group of the graduation ceremony, including invitations and reception of dignitaries

l   Administrative duties of Alumni Center, including Outlook email management, official document registration, inventory management, and asset management

l   Management of the graduation website and graduates’ information updates

l   Procurement and distribution of graduation gifts

l   Alumni Return Education Project

Jia-Rong, Chang

Contract Staff


l   Issuance of alumni and sports cards, and management of permanent alumni email applications.

l   Compilation and search for alumni data.

l   Arrangement of graduation and departure procedures (distribution of graduation gifts and issuance of alumni cards).

l   Management of unit student workers.

l   Management of alumni office’s web server.

l   Preparation of mailing lists for Tian-Di-Chung-Yuan alumni magazine.

l   Processing of permanent alumni email applications and troubleshooting.

l   Coordination of manpower and schedule for graduation season.

l   Procurement and management of shared office stationery supplies.

Hui-Mei, Chang

Administrative Clerk


l   Selection of Outstanding Alumni

l   Contact window and event assistance for overseas alumni associations

l   Fundraising and soliciting donations from North American Foundation through school publications and website

l   Employer satisfaction survey

l   Survey of recent graduates and their career paths


l   Administrative unit aggregation window for the graduate website

l   Arrangements for the director and department heads schedules and procurement of commemorative gifts.


Resource Development Center

Name and position title

Email and Extension

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

August, Ting

Director of the Center


Integrated Services Center Operations

Chia-Chi Hsieh

Administrative Clerk


l   Fundraising marketing strategy planning and execution

l   Management of donation projects, updates, and changes

l   Management of unit-received donation projects and scholarships

l   Compilation of payroll deductions and uploading of tax information to the Ministry of Finance

l   Awarding of scholarships and issuance of “Friends of Chung Yuan” and “VIP Alumni” cards

l   Management of center Outlook emails, document registration, property inventory, and management

l   Training, management, and funding support for student assistants

Yu-Hsien, Hsu

Administrative Clerk


l   Donation (including credit card) related operations

l   Planning and executing fundraising marketing strategies

l   Reviewing and updating fundraising-related information on official and center websites

l   Soliciting and accumulating donor names for each issue of the “Heaven, Earth and Zhongyuan” magazine and the cumulative donor list (quarterly)

l   Planning, promoting, and thanking for campus-wide or themed fundraising projects (naming spaces, donor walls, unveiling ceremonies)

l   Contact window for the Whole-Person Entrepreneurship Investment Corporation

l   Planning, procurement, marketing, and management of souvenir sales

l   Planning and preparing for end-of-life donations

l   Crown Chuan Wang Scholarship and related affairs

l   Space borrowing and management (WCC 201, WCC 206 Mingmen Celebrity Room)

Hsin-Yi, Lin

Contract Staff


l   Management of donation-related operations (including acknowledgments, system filing, issuing and mailing receipts, processing changes, accounting, etc.)

l   Assisting in the planning and execution of fundraising marketing strategies

l   Maintenance of fundraising system data updates

l   Consolidation and provision of donation data from various units

l   Cooperating with plaque unveiling ceremonies or various alumni commemorative activities

l   Planning of unit gathering events