• Chemical Engineering Department, Class of 57
  • China General Plastics Corporation (1305) (華夏海灣塑膠股份有限公司)/ Vice Chairman and General Manager
  • Formosa Plastics Corporation(華夏聚合股份有限公司) / General Manager

  • Taiwan Chlorine Industries Ltd.(台灣氯乙烯工業股份有限公司) / Chairman and General Manager

  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at Chung Yuan University.
  • Chairman and Chief Supervisor of the Plastics Industry Development Center, a non-profit foundation(財團法人塑膠工業技術發展中心)
  • Deputy Manager of Plastic Division at Formosa Plastics Corporation(台塑公司塑膠部)
  • Yongjia Company(永嘉公司) Manager
  • Polypropylene Division(聚丙烯部) Manager and Consultant
  • Kuochang of Formosa Plastics Corporation (Caustic Soda)(國泰塑膠公司(燒碱))
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University

Professional Achievements and Responsibilities:

  • Leadership Positions:
    • Lin Han-Fu serves as the Vice Chairman and General Manager of Huaxia Gulf Plastics Co., Ltd., Chairman and General Manager of Taiwan Chlorine Industries, and General Manager of Huaxia Polymers Co., Ltd.
  • Sustainability Initiatives:
    • Lin has championed corporate governance, emphasizing energy conservation and resource recycling in the group’s chlor-alkali business unit, driving towards zero carbon emissions.
    • Recognitions include the 2021 certificate of technical resolution for pollution sites from the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan.
    • In 2022, Taiwan Chlorine Industries, leveraging its expertise, established Huanjing Green Technology Co., Ltd., venturing into green remediation businesses.

Engagement with Chung Yuan Christian University:

  • Lin played a pivotal role in the creation of the “Artificial Intelligence Field Scholarship Pilot Program” in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Taiwan Chlorine Education Foundation.
  • He has undertaken multiple industry-academia cooperation projects, including the Huaxia Fluidized Bed Dryer Program and the Taiwan Chlorine Distillation Tower Program, to enhance industry competitiveness and nurture talent in AI.
  • Total investments in industry-academia projects during the academic years 108-110 amounted to NTD 4,227,000.

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Huaxia Gulf Plastics Co., Ltd. accolades include:
    • 2020 & 2021 TCSA Corporate Sustainability Report Awards (Platinum Award).
    • 2021 TCSA Corporate Sustainability Report Award (Innovation Growth Leader Award).
    • 2021 TSAA Taiwan Sustainable Action Award – Land Ecology (Silver Award).
  • Huaxia Polymers Co., Ltd.’s HBF system was honored with the 2022 Excellent Award for Implementing Water-Saving Guidance and Improvement.

Social Welfare Contributions:

  • Established the “Occupational Safety and Health Family” in Miaoli.
  • Representing Huaxia Gulf Plastics Co., Ltd., Lin donated 300 large barrels of bleach to the Miaoli County Government.
  • Initiated the “Taiwan Chlorine Education Foundation Scholarship,” benefitting students from 15 universities with chemical or chemistry departments. Since 2013, eight Chung Yuan students have been recipients.

Continuous Relationship with Alma Mater:

  • Lin’s unwavering commitment to Chung Yuan Christian University is evident through his consistent involvement in industry-academia cooperation projects, particularly with the Department of Chemical Engineering.