• Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Class of ’80
  • Foxconn Technology Group – CEO and Director of Cybersecurity Institute(鴻海科技集團-鴻海研究院)

  •  Foundation for Artificial Intelligence Technology and Research(財團法人人工智慧科技基金會) – Chairman of the Board

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Feng Chia University(逢甲大學資訊工程學系) – Professor

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering at Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Technology Foundation (AIF)
  • Director General of Taipei City Government Information Bureau(台北市政府)
  • Director of Innovation Technology Department at Fubon Financial Holding(富邦金控創新科技處)
  • Chief Digital Officer at Taipei Fubon Bank(台北富邦銀行)
  • Professor at Feng Chia University

Professional Achievements and Responsibilities:

  • Foxconn Technology Group Research Institute:

    • Currently holds the position of CEO and Director.
    • Under his leadership, the establishment of the Institute became a pivotal strategy in Foxconn’s transition towards F3.0. The Institute is dedicated to advanced technology R&D, which boosts Foxconn’s technological and product innovations. This has aided Foxconn’s shift from “labor-intensive” to “brain-intensive,” fortifying its core competitiveness.
  • Foundation for Artificial Intelligence Technology and Innovation:

    • Serves as the Chairman, advocating for the industrialization of AI.
  • Feng Chia University:

    • Has been a professor since 1999.
    • Over his tenure, Li Wei-Bin’s scholarly contributions include 59 journal articles, 74 conference papers, 7 technical reports/books, 19 research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 90 industry-academia collaboration projects, 7 book chapters, and 2 approved patents.
  • Taipei City Government & Taipei Fubon Bank:

    • Between 2015-2018, he served as the Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology for Taipei City Government. His achievements include crafting a smart city ecosystem, launching the pay.taipei platform, and advocating for open data platforms.


  • Outstanding Information Talent Award (2016).
  • 100 MVP Manager Award (2016).
  • Third Information Security Contribution Award (2011).

Social Welfare Contributions:

  • As the Chairman of the non-profit Foundation for Artificial Intelligence Technology and Innovation (AIF), Li Wei-Bin has passionately championed the cause of AI industrialization.

Engagement with Chung Yuan Christian University:

  • Li Wei-Bin has actively supported his alma mater. He inked a letter of intent for industry collaboration on the “Quantum Technology Project Research Plan.” His efforts have assisted the university in securing grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology, enabling it to join the ranks of the quantum national team.