• Class of 81 Accounting Department
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at KPMG Taiwan(資誠聯合會計師事務所)

  • Taipei Medical University/Biotech (台北醫學大學/生物科技)Executive MBA, Master’s Degree
  • Chung Yuan Christian University/Department of Accounting(中原大學/會計系), Bachelor’s Degree
  • Practicing Certified Public Accountant at Citic(資誠聯合會計師事務所)
  • Practicing Certified Public Accountant at Ernst & Young(安永聯合會計師事務所)
  • Assistant Manager at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)(眾信聯合會計師事務所)


Professional Achievements and Responsibilities:

  • Feng has been a certified public accountant for over 15 years, initially working at KPMG and currently at PwC.
  • He leads a department with more than 50 professionals, specializing in consultancy for enterprises seeking stock exchange listings.
  • The department serves notable clients like Kia Biotech and ASPEED Technology, guiding them through their public listing processes.
  • They also secured the “Long-term Care and Institutional Transformation Program” from Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Industry Leadership and Contributions:

  • Feng has lectured for the Taiwan Trade Education Foundation and taught on international accounting standards.
  • He has been an active member of the CPA Association’s Business and Arbitration Promotion Committee, highlighting his esteemed position in the accounting sector.

Certifications and Awards:

  • Feng holds certifications such as the NCDA (National Career Development Association) for international career advising, the JSRF (Job Search Readiness Facilitator), and the CCAP (Career Anchors Assessment Practitioner).

Social Welfare Contributions:

  • Between 1997 and 1999, Feng offered his expertise as a financial accountant for his church, implementing internal control systems.
  • Post his tenure, he volunteered, leveraging his NCDA certification, to advise individuals grappling with career challenges.

Engagement with Chung Yuan Christian University:

  • Feng frequently returns to the Department of Accounting to inspire students with his speeches and life experiences.
  • He’s been pivotal in offering employment and internship opportunities to the university’s accounting students.
  • He is an external member of the 106th academic year course committee for the university’s Accounting Department.
  • His philanthropic endeavors include establishing the “PwC Scholarship for the Department of Accounting at Chung Yuan Christian University” and contributing to projects like the Accounting Department Development Fund and the Accounting Alumni Association Fund.