• Department of Civil Engineering, Class of 71.
  • General Manager of Greater Taipei Gas Co., Ltd.(大台北區瓦斯股份有限公司)

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Chung Yuan University
  • Master’s degree in Enterprise Management, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • General Manager of Greater Taipei Gas Co., Ltd(大台北區瓦斯股份有限公司)
  • Deputy General Manager of Greater Taipei Gas Co., Ltd(大台北區瓦斯股份有限公司)

Professional Journey & Achievements:

  • Greater Taipei Gas Corporation:

    • Current Role: General Manager
    • Began his tenure in 1984 as a gas pipeline engineering supervisor.
    • Recognizing the need for further management skills, Chen pursued evening courses at National Taiwan University and subsequently an MBA from his alma mater.
    • Throughout his illustrious career at Greater Taipei Gas Corporation, Chen has served in diverse roles across departments including finance, sales, R&D, general affairs, and engineering.
    • Key Achievements:
      • Raised capital by NT$382.5 million.
      • Assisted in the IPO of New Sea Gas.
      • Revised the company’s internal control system.
      • Secured licenses for dedicated optical fiber transmission stations and domestic long-distance cable telecommunications businesses, making Greater Taipei Gas Corporation the first gas company in Taiwan to achieve this.
  • Academic and Regulatory Contributions:

    • Participated in the development of guidelines and construction specifications related to gas user equipment.
    • Contributed to the framing of subsidiary laws of the “Natural Gas Business Act” in 2011, organizing explanatory sessions to elucidate regulations for industry peers.

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Outstanding Alumnus of the Department of Civil Engineering (2017).
  • Bronze Award in Energy Industry at the TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards – Corporate Sustainability Report Category (2020 & 2021).

Social Welfare & Industry Contributions:

  • Played a pivotal role in the founding and fundraising efforts for the “Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation.”
  • Organized the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards,” promoting a low-carbon sustainable society.
  • As the head of the Operations Group of the Research and Development Association of the Republic of China’s Public Utilities Gas Association, Chen introduced international accounting standards and organized training initiatives for industry peers.

Engagement with Chung Yuan Christian University:

  • Actively recruits talent from the university annually.
  • Serves as a supervisor for the North District Alumni Association of Chung Yuan’s Department of Civil Engineering.
  • Financially supports the renovation of the exterior wall of the Civil Engineering Department building.